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TriCaster 2 Elite: Unleash the Power of Next-Level Production

Elevate Your Productions to Elite Levels

Welcome to the future of live video production with TriCaster 2 Elite. This innovative solution redefines the boundaries of what's possible, offering unparalleled features for broadcasters, content creators, and live event producers.

Key Features:

  1. 8K UHD Support: Immerse your audience in stunning, crystal-clear visuals with TriCaster 2 Elite's support for 8K UHD resolution.

  2. Advanced Live Streaming: Seamlessly stream your content to multiple platforms simultaneously, reaching a broader audience with ease.

  3. Integrated NDI Technology: Experience the power of NDI (Network Device Interface) for efficient, high-quality video and audio over IP.

  4. Multi-Channel ISO Recording: Capture every moment from multiple angles with individual ISO recordings for enhanced post-production flexibility.

  5. Real-time Social Media Publishing: Engage with your audience instantly by publishing live updates and highlights directly to social media platforms.

  6. Customizable Live Graphics: Elevate your production value with dynamic, customizable graphics and overlays for a professional and polished look.

Why Choose TriCaster 2 Elite?

  • Unmatched Versatility: Whether you're producing live events, broadcasts, or virtual shows, TriCaster 2 Elite adapts to your needs.

  • Effortless Workflow: Streamline your production process with intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface, allowing you to focus on creating compelling content.

  • Reliability at Its Core: Trust in the reliability of Vizrt technology, delivering top-notch performance for your most demanding projects.

Get Started Today

Take your live video production to new heights with TriCaster 2 Elite. Embrace the future of broadcasting and content creation. Contact us to learn more and discover how TriCaster 2 Elite can transform your productions.


Be at the forefront of technological advancements and achieve your full potential!


Be at the forefront of technological advancements and achieve your full potential!

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