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Explore Challenge Systems Inc.'s Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Solutions: Where Groundbreaking Designs Shape the World We Live In

IT products/solutions for AEC encompass a wide range of tools and technologies designed to meet the unique requirements of professionals in this field. With CSI, we embrace advancement and stay competitive in an everevolving landscape, offering only products and solutions that are essential to your success.

Architecture & Engineering Design, and Documentation

Providing wide variety of solutions for Architects and Engineers working in design, analysis and documentation.

Construction Estimate, Coordination and Management

Set of applications that helps in steamlining various aspects of the construction process, from initial projet estimation to final completion.

Design Visualization

Enabling professionals to create realistic and immersive representation of concepts and designs from 2D CAD into 3D rendered images. It helps convey ideas and communicate design effectively thus making the design and planning process an easy task to take.

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